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Class Info

Class Info

Cost : £5 per lesson

Recommended Clothing : New Members - Loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt
                                       Graded Members - Official UKTA/ITF Dobok

All official equipment required for training is available through your instructor.
Eg: Dobok (practice suit) and Sparring Pads


ManchesterTKD Membership & Medical Form - Must be completed prior to comencement of training.
UKTA Registration Form

Typical Lesson

A typical lesson consists of a warm-up that is physical in nature, stretching exercises, fundamental TaeKwon-Do movements, kicking, blocking and punching drills, self-defence (releases from grabs and attacks etc), pad work, pattern, set sparring, free sparring and destruction.

Personal Fitness

It is important when initially taking up a physical activity you take a responsible attitude to how hard you work out. It is always much better to start off at an easy pace, then build on it as the weeks go by, rather than try to ‘keep up’ with everyone to start with. If you already participate in sports activities, then you will find that TaeKwon-Do will steadily improve your overall co-ordination, balance and flexibility. If you have any injuries or are have a recent medical history, it is important to visit your GP prior to commencing your training.

Personal Hygiene

As Taekwon-Do is taught in ‘barefoot’, it is important that personal hygiene is considered before each class. At the very least, feet and hands should be washed. Finger nails and toe nails should be trimmed and jewellery removed, to avoid the risk of injury to other class members.


Being new to TaeKwon-Do, there are a few things, which might seem strange to you such as the discipline and etiquette that we display. TaeKwon-Do is a military martial art and therefore has more of a regimental manner to it than other martial arts. To this end there are a few simple rules which students must observe to maintain an orderly and effective training session:

       1. Attention/Bow when entering the Dojang (training hall)
       2. Pay respect to the Instructor prior to commencement of training
       3. Pay respects to the Instructor prior to dismissal
       4. Always address the Instructors and Black Belts as ‘Sir’

As you will see, bowing plays a large part of the etiquette of TaeKwon-Do. The simple act of bowing on entering the Dojang is your commitment to conduct yourself in a proper manner during training. Bowing to a partner both before and after practice is a sign of respect. Addressing Black Belts as ‘Sir’ is a question of mental discipline.


When the Instructor feels you are ready, he will recommend you take a grading/promotion examination. These are generally held every three months by a UKTA designated Master in your local area. They test the student on the physical techniques and the terminology of TaeKwon-Do. (Official UKTA Grading Rules)

Training Times

18:30-20:00 Thursdays (All Ages & Belts)
Holy Cross Sixth Form College
Manchester Road