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Chief Instructor - Mr Winston Rose VI Degree

Mr Winston Rose has been practicing the Martial Art of TaeKwon-Do for over 30 years and is a previous Veteran UK TaeKwon-Do Champion.

He originally began studying the art of TaeKwon-Do at Bolton YMCA in the 1970s. Upon achieving his 2nd Degree Black Belt he opened his first school, Sunnybank TaeKwon-Do, in Unsworth, Bury. Some 5 years later he opened his second school in Fishpool, Bury. Both schools now have amalgamated and he currently instructs at Holy Cross College, Bury.

Mr Rose is currently the highest graded UKTA member in the North of England. Graded under Pioneer Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha. He has produced numerous colour belt and black belt students with his highest graded student being a 4th Degree Black Belt.

He has also produced numerous International Competitors who have competed at both European and World Championships producing two European Champions and countless National Champions.

Mr Rose constantly updates his TaeKwon-Do knowledge by attending both national and international courses and competitions through the UKTA and International TaeKwon-Do Federation (ITF).

Mr Winston Rose with the Founder and Former President of the UKTA and AETF. Senior Vice President of the ITF - Pioneer First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree