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*News Flash School Closure*
01 Sep 2009
ManchesterTKD unfortunately will be closed on Tuesday the 8th of September and Thursday the 10th of september due to a Holy Cross College closure.

Training will resume the following week as normal on Tuesday the 15th of September at 1830hrs.

Chief Instructor Mr W.P. Rose VI Degree would like to appologise for the short notice and unforeseen closure.

News Flash: Return to Sports Hall
11 Aug 2009
Following the Summer School closure during July, we are now training once again on both Tuesday & Thursday evening back in the Sports Hall.

Training commences at 1830hrs to 1930hrs, all students are welcome as are beginners.

Wirral Show 2009 Invite To Demonstration
11 Jul 2009
Many of ManchesterTKD Blackbelts were invited by Chief Instructor Mrs Helen Bennett IV Degree WirralTKD on Saturday the 11th July 2009 to participate in a Demonstration at the Wirral Show.

The Wirral Show is a 2 day event held every year with an approximate 300,000 visitors each year!! Making this is one of the biggest shows in the North West of England!!

There were further Taekwon-Do groups demonstrating at this event making this a perfect opportunity for members of the North England United Kingdom Taekwon-Do Association affiliated to the International Taekwon-Do Federation to demonstrate the true art of Taekwon-Do as founded by General Choi Hong Hi.

Photos & Videos will soon be made available of this event.

School Holiday Closure
09 Jul 2009
ManchesterTKD will be closed on Tuesday Evenings during July due to Holy Cross College refurbishment of the Sports Hall.

The closure dates are as follows:

TUES 14/07/2009 CLOSED
TUES 21/07/2009 CLOSED
TUES 28/07/2009 CLOSED

*THURS 09/07/2009 CLOSED* (*Holy Cross Closure*)

Training will continue as normal on Thursday Evenings on Thursday the 16th July at the usual time of 1830hrs- 2000hrs.

Tuesday Evening training sessions will commence once again in August as usual.

Please keep your eye on website for any further announcements.

Technical Seminar With First GM Rhee & ITF Technical Chairman Senior Master Hwang
28 Jun 2009
On Sunday the 28th of June East Grinstead Sports Centre was host to Pioneer First GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree and ITF Technical Chairman Senior Master Hwang Ho Yong VIII Degree who jointly conducted a technical seminar on behalf of the UKTA.

This was an excellent opportunity for all members of the UKTA to experience first hand the expertise of both these highly reknown world Taekwon-do practitioners.

The seminar was well attended with all UKTA Senior Masters and Masters in attendance. In total there was over 80 participants.

The seminar covered fundamental movements & all colour belt patterns, with emphasis on starting and finishing positions with the execution of sine wave and hip twist. Individual movements where also practices with partners with the importance of the application of the technique.

ManchesterTKD Black belt representatives pictured with Senior Master Hwang were Felix Lopez IV Degree (Right of Senior Master Hwang), Barry Ebbs III Degree (Left) and Sean Ellor I Degree (Far Left).

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