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Thursday Closure
08 Apr 2009
Unfortunately there will be no training this Thursday (9th April 2009) due to Holy Cross College being closed.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Saturday Training Closure
02 Apr 2009
Mr Rose's Saturday Training held on the 1st and 3rd saturday of every month, unfortunatley will not take place this Saturday the 4th of April 09 at Sunnybank Youth Club.

However it will return as normal on the 3rd Saturday of the month Saturday the 25th of April.

Please watch this space for further details regarding extra training sessions.

Congratulation On Recent Black Belt Promotions
09 Mar 2009
ManchesterTKD have recently undertaken a seminar and promotion weekend under First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree and the Masters Council over the 6th-8th of March in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Seminars consisted of three 4 hour sessions covering fundamental movements, set sparring and all 24 patterns, with a promotion / grading examination on the 8th for those eligible.

Chief Instructor Mr W.P.Rose in his 30th year of praticing TaeKwon-Do has now been promoted to VI Degree Blackbelt making him the highest graded UKTA instructor in the North-West. This now means that Mr Rose can now pratice all 24 TaeKwon-Do patterns. During Mr Rose's grading he displayed some fantastic brick breaking power, undertaking turning kick, side kick and finishing off with a 2 brick knifehand strike speed break.

Congratulations are also in order to Barry Ebbs who was promoted from II Degree Blackbelt to III Degree Blackbelt also congratulations to Neil Dudley who promoted from 1st Kup Red belt to I Degree Blackbelt

All students and Blackbelts would like to congratulate them all once again.

Photos and Videos will be posted soon, so watch this space..

School Closure - Thursday 12th March
04 Mar 2009
ManchesterTKD will be closed on Thursday 12th March for one night and will reopen on Tuesday 17th March as normal.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused by the closure

Colour Belt Master Seminar & Grading News
10 Feb 2009
Colour belts it is imperative that Mr Rose is informed of your intention to Grade/Promote this Thursday the 12th of Feb.

It is also a UKTA requirement for Colour belts to attend a minimum of 2 Masters seminars per year in order to qualify for Grading/Promotions. So please inform Mr Rose also about your seminar intentions.

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