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School Closure Date
09 Jun 2008
Unfortunately Manchestertkd School will be closed on Thursday the 12th of June 2008 due to both Mr WP. Rose V Degree Chief Instructor & Mr FM. Lopez IV Degree Assistant Instructor work shifts.

The School will be open the following Tuesday the 17th of June as normal.

Colour Belt Master Seminar & Grading News
23 Apr 2008
Students of Manchestertkd the next Northern England area grading will be held the weekend of the 17th/18th of May. This Grading will be hosted in the Wirral by Mrs H.Bennett IV Degree.

There will also be a Masters seminar before the commencement of the grading. UKTA Grading rules state that you must attend 2 Seminars per year in order to be eligible to Grade.

Those students that are interested in either the seminar or grading need to register their interest with Mr WP. Rose V Degree Chief Instructor as soon as possible.

Venue details etc will be available as soon as possible.

Congratulations On Your Selection for the European Championships 2008
01 Apr 2008
Instructors and Students of ManchesterTKD would like to congratulate Connor Jones I Dan Blackbelt (ManchesterTKD) & Mr Johnnie Chan IV Dan Blackbelt (HuddersfieldTKD) on there selection for the European International Taekwon-do Federation Championships 2008.

The championships will be held in Porec, Croatia between May the 26th-1st of June, where they will represent ITF England.

Once again Congratulations.

More details will follow.

News :School Closure
20 Mar 2008
Unfortunately manchestertkd will be closed for training on Thursday 27th of March 2008.

Both Mr W.P. Rose V Dan Chief Instructor & Mr F.M.Lopez IV Dan Assistant Instructor are unavailable.

Training will resume as normal on Tuesday the 1st of April 2008.

English Open Championships 2008
16 Mar 2008
ManchesterTKD have once again had a fantastic medal haul!!

Saturday the 15th of March was the UKTA English Open Championships at the K2 complex in Crawley. It was the First time in a while that ManchesterTKD had competitors in the Finals competing against each other!!

Congratulations to the following Competitors:

Neil Dudley displayed an excellent performance in pattern however, did not achieve medal status on this occasion, unfortunately he was unable to compete in sparring due to an injury sustained by Cameron Dudley during his Sparring bout.


Tom Foxcroft:
      Silver (Under 13 Blue Belt Sparring)
Katie Foxcroft
      Silver (Under 13 Blue Belt Pattern)
Cameron Dudley
      Gold (Under 13 Blue Belt Pattern)
      Silver (Under 13 Special Technique)

13-17yr Old:

Connor Jones
      Gold (Under 18 Black Belt -51Kg Sparring)
Joshua Jones
      Gold (Under 18 Yellow Belt Pattern)
      Silver (Under 18 Yellow Belt +70Kg Sparring)
Tom Wilkinson
      Gold (Under 18 Yellow Belt +70Kg Sparring)


Ryan Taylor:
      Bronze (Yellow Belt Pattern)
      Bronze (Yellow-Green Belt Sparring)
Anthony Thomas
      Silver (III Dan Black Belt Pattern)
      Silver (Black Belt -85 Kg Sparring)
Felix Lopez
      Silver (IV Dan Black Belt Pattern)
      Silver (Black Belt Power Test)
      Bronze (Black Belt +85 Kg Sparring)


Jeff Jones:
      Silver (Black Belt Power Test)

Hopefully with this medal tally will keep us firmly in the current Top 10 of UKTA Schools.

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