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News: Reference Extra Training Sessions
13 Feb 2008
Unfortunately due to work commitments there will be no Extra Training Session this Saturday the 16th of February at Sunnybank Youth Club with Chief Instructor Mr WP.Rose V Degree.

The Extra Training Sessions will resume as normal in March.

Extra Training
02 Feb 2008
For those Students that are interested Chief Instructor Mr W.P.Rose V Degree holds extra training sessions on the first and third Saturday of every Month at Sunnybank Youth Club, Bury.

These extra sessions are for 8th Kup Yellow Belts and above.

The sessions cover all aspects of Tae Kwon-Do:

Patterns,Sparring,Power,Special Technique, Self Defence plus much more.

The sessions are generally tailored to the participants needs, be that Grading/Promotion or Tournament work.

If you require any further details with regards to theses sessions see Mr Rose.

English Open Championships 2008
02 Feb 2008
The first UKTA Championships of 2008 will be the English Open on Saturday the 15th of March at the K2, Crawley Downs.

If you are interested in competing please see Chief Instructors Mr W.P.Rose V Degree for further details or alternatively see the Events Section on the UKTA website for entry forms and details.

For further UKTA information and activities see the UKTA website.

Colour Belt Seminar & Grading News
02 Feb 2008
The first Master's Colour Belt Seminar and Grading of 2008 will be hosted by Morley School, Leeds.

The Grading will be on Sunday the 17th of February, Please see Chief Instructor Mr W.P.Rose V Degree for details.

Note: Colour Belts must attend two Master's Seminars per year in order to qualify for grading promotion.

ITF England website update news
01 Feb 2008
ITF England have recently updated the website with a new look!

The website will keep you up to date with all ITF England activities with the following details on training, selection, national and international championships.

The following link may be used to access the site why not bookmark it as one of your favourites!

The ITF England website may also be accessed via our links page.

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