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Medal Haul at the Scottish Open UKTA 24th March 2007
25 Mar 2007
Congratulations to all Competitors of ManchesterTKD at the Scottish Open held at Kelvin Hall, Glasgow.

ManchesterTKD Competitors:

Cameron Dudley (Yellow Belt, Junior) 2 Gold Medals Pattern & Sparring
Neil Dudley (Green Belt, Senior) Silver Medal Sparring
Connor Jones (Blackbelt, Junior) Silver Medal Sparring
Andrew Thomas (Blackbelt, Senior) Silver Medal -78kgs Sparring
Felix Lopez (Blackbelt, Senior) 2 Silver Medals IV Dan Patterns & +85kgs Sparring
Sean Ellor (Blackbelt, Junior) Bronze Medal -75kgs
Anthony Thomas (Blackbelt, Senior)

The Scottish Open also held a special International Blackbelt Team event this year as it is the UKTA's 40th Anniversary year. The teams which took part where ITF Slovenia (World Championships hosts, April 2007) ITF Scotland & a UKTA Select Team which consisted of World & European Medalists.

UKTA Select Team: Wayne Brooks (Wales,Captain), Richard Taylor (Wales), Tom (Wales), Gary Bonnar (England), Johnnie Chan Fook Tin (England, Huddersfieldtkd) & Felix Lopez (England, ManchesterTKD).

The UKTA Select Team came in Bronze Position although in Sparring they Beat Gold Medal Position ITF Slovenia & Drew against ITF Scotland. Unfortunately, the lack of pattern preparation was what let the Team down. Although they did well with less than an hours practice.

ManchesterTKD students would also like to thank Mr Stephen Hartley Ist Degree for providing Coaching throughout the Championships.

Congratulations On Your Recent Promotion
05 Mar 2007
Mr W P. Rose V Degree Chief Instructor would like to congratulate all students of Manchestertkd on their recent promotion under First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha on Sunday the 4th of March 2007.

This year is the 40th Anniversary of the UKTA & the celebration of Grand Master Rhee's 10th anniversary of his promotion to Grand Master. Further International Tae Kwon-Do Federation (ITF) and UKTA history was made as this was the first set of Blackbelt certificates to have the name and official stamp of Grand Master Rhee appearing on them.

Congratulations to Dean Taylor, Sean Ellor & Connor Jones on their Promotion from 1st Kup Red Belt to 1st Degree Blackbelt.

Further congratulations goes to Felix Lopez on his promotion from III Degree Blackbelt to IV Degree Blackbelt & Andrew Thomas I Degree Blackbelt to II Degree Blackbelt.

An extended congratulation goes to Master John Taylor on his promotion to VIII Degree (Ely, Wales), Mr Andrew Whitley VII Degree Master (Reading/France), Mr Paul Knighton VI Degree (Derby) & Mr Johnnie Chan Fook Tin IV Degree (Huddersfield)

Photos from the Grading available in the Picture Gallery

Good Luck Message!
02 Mar 2007
On behalf of all the Students and Instructors of Manchestertkd, the school wishes all 1st Kup Red Belts and Blackbelts 'Good Luck' on their grading promotion this weekend.

This is to be held over 3 days with Seminars & a Grading on the final day. This will be held under Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree World Pioneering Master.

Watch this space for the results.

Congratulations On Your Recent Promotion
21 Feb 2007
On Sunday the 18th of February students from Manchestertkd undertook a Seminar & Grading under Master John Taylor VII Degree at Holy Cross College.

The Seminar during the morning was two & a half hours in length. Covering Fundamental movements, Patterns & Sparring.

For the afternoon Grading Manchestertkd had a total of 7 students. 6 promoting from 6th Kup to 5th Kup Green Belt. 1 promoting from 9th Kup White Belt to 8th Kup Yellow Belt.

Congratulations to those Students who successful passed there Grading:

Neil Dudley, Cameron Dudley, Natalie Duffy, Elizabeth Williams, Emily Williams,
Jessica, Matthew.

School Closure Date
02 Feb 2007
Unfortunately the School will be closed Thursday the 8th of February.

The School will re-open on Tuesday the 13th of February as normal.

Any Students interested in Extra Training may attend this Saturday the 3rd of February at Sunnybank Youth Club, Unsworth, Bury between 1400-1600hrs all grades welcome.

1st Kup and above Extra Training is also available on Saturday the 17th of Feburary same venue and timings.

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