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14 Oct 2005
Chief Instructor Mr W.P.Rose V Degree would like to congratulate Natalie Duffy, Andrew Duffy, Elizabeth Williams and Emily Williams on their recent promotion from 10th Kup White Belt to 9th Kup White Belt Yellow Tips.

The Grading and Seminar was taken by Master O'Neill VII Degree at The Shuttle Centre, Whitefield, Manchester.

Pictures from the Colour Belt Seminar can be found in the Pictures section of the website.

Colourbelt Seminar & Grading, 11th September 2005
03 Sep 2005
The Colourbelt Seminar & Grading is to be held at The Shuttle Centre, Whitefield, Manchester.

All those wishing to participate on the Seminar under a U.K.T.A. Master must inform Mr W.P.Rose V Degree Chief Instructor as soon as possible.

If your intention is to also Grade after the Seminar please ensure with Mr Rose you are eligible to do so.

Good Luck at the Grading!

Congratulations on your Promotion!
03 Sep 2005
Chief Instructor Mr W.P.Rose V Degree would like to congratulate Ali Shah on his recent promotion from Red belt (1st Kup) to Blackbelt I Degree in Chatham, Kent under Chief Examiner and Tae Kwon-Do Pioneer GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha, IX Degree Blackbelt.

The Grading consisted of a one and a half day seminar lasting 4 hours for each of the 3 sessions. The grading then lasted some 3 hours with Ali having to perform Patterns, 1 Step-Sparring, Foot Sparring and Destruction. Both foot and hand techniques.

Once again well done Ali on your promotion.

ITF Official International Blackbelt Seminar 26th-28th August 2005
02 Sep 2005
This 3 day seminar was held in Chatham, Kent by GrandMaster Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree Blackbelt, with the help of Master De Silva VIII Degree, Master Miller VII Degree, Master Prewitt VII Degree, Master O'Neil VII Degree & Master Mitchell VII Degree.

The Seminar was well attended from the North West area with about 10 blackbelts of varying degrees. ManchesterTKD had 3 Blackbelt representatives. There was also representatives from Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, Spain & the Czech Republic. The total number of participants was in the region of 120 individuals.

The seminar initially covered warming up and stretching exercises, fundamental movements, patterns and foot sparring. GrandMaster Rhee also gave us some ideas about improving jumping techniques for sparring from his vast knowledge and experience as a Tae Kwon-Do pioneer.

Photos to follow soon in the Pictures/ Gallery section

3rd North-West Area Training Session
25 Jun 2005
Manchestertkd once again hosted the North-West Area TKD Training Session on Saturday 25th of June 2005.

On behalf of the TKD Schools in the Area Manchestertkd would like to thank
Mr David Hurst V Degree (Leeds), Mr Paul Knighton V Degree (Derby) & Mr Winston Rose V Degree (ManchesterTKD, Bury) for there expert instruction throughout the training session.

The training session lasted around 3 hours with the inclusion of Fundamental movements, Patterns, Pad work & Free Sparring.

There was also a special presentation to Mrs Ann Locker III Degree (Sunnybank) who has had a rather large input over the last 10-12 years not only locally in the North-West but Nationally, as an Umpire at many UKTA Championships.

Sadly she will be missed as she emigrates to Tennerife (Spain) in early July, she has assured us that she will be making frequent visits to the North-West as she has handed complete control of Sunnbank TKD School to her son.
Mr Denny Locker III Degree. Mrs Locker has informed us that she is hoping to start a TKD School in Tennerife. So watch this space!

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