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Colourbelt Seminar & Grading, The Wirral
14 Jun 2005
Mr Winston Rose V Degree, Chief Instructor ManchesterTKD would like to take this opportunity to congratulate two students on their recent promotion to Red Belt (2ndKup) on Saturday the 12th of June 2005.

So congratulations to Dean Taylor & Connor Jones.

The Seminar was undertaken by Master M. Prewitt VII Degree. The Seminar lasted for about 3 hours covering Patterns, Releases from Grabs, Self Defence etc. The technical input was second to none as Master Prewitt does have 35 years experience.

The Grading lasted a further 3 hours and required each individual to perform their own grading Pattern, One step & two step sparring, Free-sparring & Destruction.

See the Photos section named Students for the latest Seminar Photos

Finally Manchestertkd has Videos!
29 May 2005
Manchestertkd are pleased to have finally a limited video selection for your perusal, available in the video section.

Hopefully in the next few weeks there will be more on show, so watch this space!

2nd North-West Area Training
25 May 2005
Once again the North-West Area training held on Saturday the 14th of May2005, was well attended with Blackbelts from various schools throughout the area.

The Instruction was once again under the watchful eye of Mr W.P.Rose V degree.

The three hour session consisted of Fundamental movements, Patterns, Self Defence, Pad work and Free-Sparring.

Hopefully, this event will continue to develop with new faces each time.

Manchestertkd would like to thank all participants for making this event viable.

North West Area Training
01 May 2005
ManchesterTKD once again wishes to invite you to the 2nd North West Area Training session to be held at Holy Cross College, Bury. This event will be held on Saturday 14th May 2005. Times to be finalised.

Instruction will once again be undertaken by Mr David Hurst & Mr Winston Rose both V Degree International Instructors.

Instruction at this event is open to senior 3rd kup + students. Junior Blackbelt (13yrs+) members are invited but must have trained at the ITF England training sessions.

The training session will follow the same theme as previous.

If any Instructor wishes to call an area meeting please will you contact me as soon as possible, so this may be given an allotted time in the training schedule.

Please will you e-mail a reply stating whether or not you are available for this training session. As I am sure you are all aware without your support this event will not be able to run.

A training program will be finalised and forwarded as soon as possible.

I once again look forward to this event being a success.

Yours in Tae Kwon-Do,

Felix. M. Lopez - III Degree

Assistant Instructor ManchesterTKD

Recent Success at the European Championships, Dublin, 2005
15 Apr 2005
Once again two black belts from ManchesterTKD have European Championship Success.

The Junior Male England Team competitor, Anthony Thomas, is currently, along with his team mates, the European Gold Medalists in the Power Test. The team also secured a Silver Medal in Team Sparring and a Bronze in Team Pattern.

The Senior Male England Team competitor, Felix Lopez, is also along with team members the European Silver Medal holders of the Senior Team Power Test. He also secured Bronze medal in the individual power test.

Photos in the Picture Gallery Section

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