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North-West Training
05 Feb 2005
A massive thanks goes out to all those who attended the first major North-West training session. Hosted by ManchesterTKD at Holy Cross College, Bury.

All people who attended thoroughly enjoyed it and feel it should be a regular training session.

Details of the next one will be posted as soon as it is all finalised

Thanks also go to Mr David Hirst (V) and Mr Winston Rose (V) who instructed the course fantastically.

We hope to see everyone plus more at the next one to be held.

Return to Training
20 Jan 2005
We're back training again, but now we are in the brand new sports hall at Holy Cross College.

Newly built for the New Year.

If you can't find it, the way to get to it is by going into the front car park of the college and parking up. There will be a large set of automatic doors, if you look quite a bit to the left you will see some glass doors which are part of the new building, go through them and up the stairs to the 2nd Floor, then on your right there is a set of double doors, the sports hall is through them.

Happy Christmas
16 Dec 2004
Class closed until Tuesday 4th January 2005

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from everyone at ManchesterTKD

British Championships 2004 Results (Ponds Forge Leisure Center, Sheffield)
27 Nov 2004
Felix Lopez (III)
Gold - +80KG Senior Black Belt Sparring
Gold - Senior Black Belt Power
Bronze - III/IV Degree Black Belt Pattern
Overall British Senior Blackbelt Champion 2004

Anthony Thomas (II)
Gold - +70KG Under18 Black Belt Sparring

Connor Jones (Blue Belt)
Silver - Under12 Sparring

Paul Schofield (Green Belt)
Bronze - Senior Green Belt Heavyweight Sparring

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