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ITF England Host GrandMaster Kim Ung Chol 19th-21st October 2012
22 Oct 2012
ITF England played host once again to a further Grand Master on the 19th-21st October. This time it was the world renowned Grand Master Kim Ung Chol the current chief instructor to the Bulgarian NGB.

Grand Master Kim (whilst serving in the armed forces) was a student of the late Grand Master Park Jung Tae who was considered at one time as General Choi Hong Hi's right hand man following his settlement in Canada.

Grandmaster Kim was a previous member of the North Korean Demonstration Team which travelled the globe in the 80's.

The course which ran over the 2 and a half days was very intense with Grandmaster Kim undertaking various novel stretching techniques and explaining in great detail the importance of each movement within the 24 patterns. There was also considerable time spent on ho sin sul (self-defence) covering releasing from grabs and defence from a knife attack.

On the final day in the afternoon there was a possibility of a IV degree and above Promotion in accordance to the ITF grading syllabus under Grandmaster Kim.

Felix Lopez assistant instructor of ManchesterTKD took this opportunity to grade from IV degree to V degree and was successful following the examination.

A further special congratulations must go to DerbyTKD Chief Instructor Mr Paul Knighton who promoted from VI Degree to VII Degree Master. Congratulations on Your new Promotion Master Knighton.

The hosts of this event are hoping to further invite Grandmaster Kim in 2013 and again this is will be an opportunity not to be missed.

School Closure Dates
10 Oct 2012
Unfortunately due to instructor work commitments ManchesterTKD will be closed the following Classes Thursday the 11th & 18th of October.

Training will commence as usual on the 24th.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

ITF England Host GrandMaster Kim Ung Chol
16 Sep 2012
GrandMaster Kim Ung Chol will be attending the United Kingdom from the 19th of October to the 21st. He is a very experienced practitioner and is the chief Instructor to Bulgaria.

GrandMaster Kim Ung Chol is truely inspirational and probably is one of the best practitioners in the world!! A previous member of the North Korean Demonstration team. If you are a dedicated TKD practitioner this must and should never be missed.

See ITF England Facebook site for further details.

Seminar & Promotion with Senior Master Williamson
16 Sep 2012
Senior Master J. Williamson VIII Degree the current UKTA President will be undertaking a Seminar & Promotion on Saturday the 6th of October hosted by ManchesterTKD's Chief Instructor Mr W.P. Rose IV Degree.

Those students that wish to either attend please see Mr Rose ASAP to register your interest.

Senior Master J. Williamson has been a student of TKD for over 30 years and has been a previous World Champion, This is not to be missed!

ITF England Host GrandMaster Adolfo Villanueva
13 Jun 2012
ITF England hosted Grandmaster Villanueva of Argentina on Saturday the 9th & Sunday the 10th of June. The Seminar was over 15 hours covering all 24 patterns along with self defence and sparring techniques.

Grandmaster Villanueva is the current president of the Pan-Am Federation with over 26,000 members and has introduced Taekwon-Do as a Pioneering Master to Bolivia & Peru. He has had over 9000 members as the President of Argentina and has a wealth of Taekwon-Do knowledge that he feels he must pass on.

The seminar was arrange by Master L. Sanchez VII Degree who also acted as the interpreter throughout the seminar as GM Villanueva can currently only speak spanish!! However, all participants where more than able to understand his passion for Taekwon-Do.

The seminar was well attended with 16 representatives from the UKTA of varying abilities from Senior Master to 1st Kup.

The seminars was enjoyed by all and should the opportunity arise once again will certainly be well attended once again.

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