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NewsFlash:Car Parking at Holy Cross College
17 Oct 2009
Car Parking at Holy Cross College on Tuesday the 20th of October may be difficult due to an Open evening being held at the college.

Therefore please arrive in plenty of time before the start of the lesson to allow for difficulty of parking.

Welsh Open UKTA Championships 2009- Results
27 Sep 2009
On Saturday the 26th of September Blackbelts of ManchesterTKD and HuddersfieldTKD competed at the Welsh Open UKTA Championships held at the UWIC Centre Cardiff, Wales.

The Championships was well attended by various ITF competitors with many colourbelt and blackbelt competitors.

ManchesterTKD competitor results:

Felix Lopez
    Senior IV Degree Blackbelt Pattern - Bronze Medal

Anthony Thomas
    Senior III Degree Blackbelt Pattern - Bronze Medal
    Senior Blackbelt -85kg Sparring - Bronze Medal

Sean Ellor
    Senior Blackbelt -78kg Sparring - Bronze Medal

HuddersfieldTKD Results:

Johnnie Chan
    Senior IV Degree Blackbelt Pattern - Gold Medal
    Senior Blackbelt -85kg Sparring - Silver Medal

Congratulations to both schools on excellent results

Sean Ellor - Felix Lopez - Mr Winston Rose - Anthony Thomas

New UKTA Master Promotion
11 Sep 2009
On Sunday the 6th of September at the National Blackbelt Grading held in Glasgow.

Chief Examiner First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha IX Degree along with the Masters Commitee promoted Mr Andrew Kang Hae Rhee from VI Degree Blackbelt to VII Degree Master.

Congratulations to Master Andrew Kang Hae Rhee VII Degree on his recent promotion and also congratulation to the UKTA on another Master promotion.

Blackbelts of ManchesterTKD, HuddersfieldTKD and DerbyTKD attend Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa Seminar
06 Sep 2009
On Saturday the 5th of September blackbelt members of ManchesterTKD, HuddersfieldTKD and DerbyTKD attended a seminar held in Derby hosted by Master Harry VIII Degree head of the ITUK.

This seminar enabled all blackbelt attendees to train with TaeKwon-Do's founder General Choi Hong Hi's son Grand Master Choi Jung Hwa IX Degree.

The seminar concentrated around generating what TaeKwon-Do is reknowned for power. GM Choi discussed all the elements of the theory of power and also the sine wave action which is unique to TaeKwon-Do practitioners.

The seminar was well recieved by all participants.

Welsh Open Championships
04 Sep 2009
The Welsh Open Championships will be held on Saturday the 26th of September at the UWIC centre, Cardiff, Wales.

Those students that are interested in entering the championships please download the application form on the UKTA website (if you dont already have one) and return this fully completed with the appropiate fee to Mr Rose, no later than tuesday the 15th of september.

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